5 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets Of All Time


5 Favourite Kitchen Gadgets Of All Time

In today’s world, we will only tolerate the most efficient, well-made tools to satisfy our desire for delicious yet quick meals/ beverages. What one does not always realize is that many of these tools including the microwave, Tupperware, Keurig machine, Cuisanart and even the dishwasher all have just as much history as the Great Wall of China does, without the turmoil and politics of course. 

The Making of the Microwave 

While the microwave oven may help you heat up your oatmeal in record time, its earlier usage did more than just satisfy an empty stomach. Back in World War II, two scientists created the magnetron, a tube that would produce microwaves, enabling Britain and the United States to spot Nazi warplanes coming towards the British Isles. It wasn’t until after the war when a bright man named Percy LeBaron Spencer, who worked for Raytheon, a company producing the magnetrons, realized that the waves coming from the tube had in fact melted a candy bar in his pocket. After that microwaves were sold, but only to restaurants, as the square footage was as large as an everyday refrigerator and around $2, 000-$3, 000 a piece. Then in 1967, only 46 years ago, the first commercial microwave came on the market through a side project of Raytheon’s called «Amana.» The craziest part is that this small technology that once helped protect lives, is now used in 90% of US households. 

Tupperware from A to Z 

In our modern society, we could not survive without our leftover’s best friend- Tupperware. Earl Silas Tupper, a tree surgeon and plastics specialist was very interested in polyethylene, a plastic material used for insolation and radio equipment. When he first came up with the first tupperware, he would go around doing «tupperware parties,» enabling him to sell to his direct consumer- house mothers. 

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Keurig- Revolutionizing Coffee Forever 

One of the best inventions in the past decade is the Keurig, a machine that allows the consumer to make a single cup of coffee with just one capsule. Before this incredible machinery came onto the market one of the creators, John Sylvan, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with caffeine poisoning, because him and his partner were testing the product for quality, racking up around 40 cups of caffeine a day. After a lot of sleepless nights and a caffeine addiction, Sylvan’s Keurig racked up around $330 million in sales during the 2010 year. 

Usage of the Cuisinart 

The late Julia Childs, was the leader in bringing the Cuisinart onto the market, illustrating to viewers how this small piece of machinery could in fact transcend any ordinary meal into a healthy, culinary masterpiece. Till this day the Cuisinart has received many prestigious awards including the coveted 2012 Housewares Design Award in the Countertop Food Prep Appliances category for the Blend and Cook Soup Maker. In many households the Cuisinart is used to break down large food items to be used in food preparation or for main courses. 

The Dishwasher and How We Clean Today 

Just like the invention of the microwave the dishwasher went through a similar unveil. Back in 1850 a man by the name of Joel Houghton made the first wooden dishwasher machine that would splash water onto the dishes, however it wouldn’t completely work manually. Then in 1886 Josephine Cochran, who found major flaws in Houghton’s model decided to progress his design into a manually working machine. At first only restaurants and hotels bought the dishwasher, because at the time only larger places that housed hundreds of people a night found usage for the product. It wasn’t until 1950 that the modern housewife began utilizing the dishwasher for in home use. 

It is crazy to think that such modern devices have a history as broad and innovative as the ones above. I hope the next you use these incredible machines that you will think of the great minds behind them. 

Jon is a retired pilot and is thoroughly enjoying his retirement by getting stuck into some DIY and home restoration projects. Jon is currently in the process of redesigning his kitchen and recommends Kitchen Cabinets from  Cliq Studios for those looking for a diverse range of kitchen products.

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