Coupon Links and Tips


Coupon Links and Tips

Here I will list useful links to blogs and websites that I’ll be referring to in my blog posts. I live in East Central Indiana so the majority of my posts will pertain to stores in my area, but I will also be posting websites and blogs that will be useful to everyone.

To stay up-to-date, be sure to follow via RSS or subscribing by email and via Facebook and/or Twitter.  I post coupon offers on Facebook/Twitter that I don’t post here on the site.

My book “Couponing and other ideas that make Cents” is now available.


  • Create a new email address for signing up to newsletters and websites
  • Be sure to keep track of all of your user names and passwords
  • Create a “Coupon Sites” folder in your favorites
    • Visit all of the sites listed below and add them to your “Coupon Sites” folder
    • You may not have a Meijer or Kroger in your area, if so, visit your local supermarkets websites and save those in your “Coupon Sites” folder
  • If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can set up one under a fake name to use just for couponing
    • Visit the Facebook pages listed below and “like” them
      • They will post printable coupons, freebies, new coupon policies and more
  • Subscribe to this page (at the bottom) so you’ll be notified when I add new tips, coupon links, and Facebook pages to follow. is my favorite site. They post new coupons on the first day of each month, as well as a few throughout the month. Mark your calendars to print on the last day of the month to get coupons before they are removed and on the first of the month to print the newest available. They will also post new coupons periodically throughout the month, so be sure to check often.

Kroger/Payless (digital coupons to upload to your Plus Card) Tip: They have changed their policy and you can no longer use both. So, if your manufacturer coupon is a better deal, be sure to remove your digital coupon from your card.


mperks – Digital Coupons – you have to sign up for this program. You’ll choose the coupons that you want and when you check out, you’ll enter your cell # (that you registered with), then your pin # and the savings will be subtracted from your total.

meijermealbox (printable Meijer coupons) – see widget below

  • Click on “Specials”
  • Click “Add to Shopping List” for any coupon that you’d like to print
  • When you are finished adding coupons to your list, click “Shopping List”
  • Click “Print” towards the top
  • Click “Print as PDF”
  • Cut your coupons out and add attach them to your list

Tip: These both can be used along with sale prices and manufacturer coupons


Printable store coupons available at

Tip: These can be used along with sale prices and manufacturer coupons.

Dollar General

Printable store coupons available at


View their weekly circular, print coupons and more on their website.

**Visit my Printable Coupons page for a list of manufacturer coupons to print.**

 Digital Coupons:  – Useable at Pay Less/Kroger/MainStreet Market/Marsh

  • Register your Plus Card
  • Add coupons to your Pay Less/Kroger Plus Card
  • Can not be combined with manufacturer or Kroger Digital Coupons
  • Will not double

SavingStar  – Useable at Pay Less/Kroger/CVS

  • Register your Pay Less/KrogerPlus Card and/or CVS Card
  • Activate any coupons for which you think you’ll purchase the product
  • Once you purchase the product the dollar amount will go into your account (will not be taken off of your receipt)
  • Can redeem for gift cards or cash when you account reaches $5.00 or more
  • Can be combined with Manufacturer, Cellfire or Kroger Digital Coupons

Facebook Pages to Follow

These pages will keep you updated on the newest coupons and offers. Visit their webpages and become a Facebook fan.

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Mommy Coupon Swappers

Tracers Coupon Affair

The Nikolai Nuthouse

Blogs to Follow

Jill Cataldo

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Blogs to Subscribe to:

Coupon Saving Sista

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Crazy Coupon Mommy

This Mama Loves Her Bargains

The Frugal Free Gal 

Coupons Equal Cash

Wild for Wags (Wags – short for Walgreens)

Retail Coupons

Your Retail Helper – GREAT WEBSITE!!

Earn Coupons and Gift Cards

Swag Bucks


Recycle Bank

Superpoints – email me for an invitation link to join

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