There is an art to Couponing.  It’s not something that you learn overnight.  It’s not hard by any means, but there are lots of tricks to it.  You can put a little time into and save a little bit or you can put more time into it and save a lot!  Once you get the idea and get organized in a way that best suits you, then it’ll be something that you do without much thought.  If you’re interested in learning how to save money on a regular basis, not just on groceries, but daily needs, craft items and more, bookmark this site and check back often and following me on Facebook.

I started couponing as a teenager, not because my parents needed to save money, but because I enjoyed it. I continued over the years and saved out family thousands of dollars, not only through couponing, but bargain shopping as well. I love the feeling I get when I walk out saving more than I spent.

When I started clipping coupons, they were as common as they are today. There would be a handful in the newspaper the same day as the grocery ads and a few in magazines. I would collect all I could and give my mom the ones that she would use, then save the remainder for family and friends to go through. Although the members have changed numerous times over the years, I still have an active coupon chain.

Saving money and giving to others have always been passions of mine. This is a perfect way to accomplish both.

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