Deca Durabolin


Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is a powerful anabolic designed to gain muscle mass. The androgenic activity of the drug is much lower than that of the dough and even when using high doses it is weak. Note that nandrolone is present in the body of every person in small quantities. The half-life of the steroid is 7-10 days.

The main ingredient of the drug is nandrolone decanoate . Like all other esterified AAS, after the administration of the drug, a certain time elapses, necessary for the detachment of the ether residue, after which the active ingredient appears in the bloodstream. This is why the deck has been running for over two weeks. The low androgenic activity of the steroid is explained by the fact that nandrolone is converted to dihydronadrolone – a rather weak substance in comparison with dihydrotestosterone .

Deka Durabolin Steroid Profile

  • The maximum period of activity of the substance is 15 days.
  • Release form – injections.
  • The presence of hepatotoxicity is absent.
  • Estrogenic activity is minimal.
  • Progestogenic activity – yes.
  • The ability to convert to dihydrotestosterone is absent.
  • Suppression of the HHP axis – yes.
  • The indicator of anabolic activity (compared to testosterone) is 150 percent.
  • The indicator of androgenic activity (compared to testosterone) is 30 percent.
  • The period of detection of metabolites during the doping test is at least 22 months.

Effects of Deca Durabolin

  1. A slow increase in muscle mass, but the results after the course are pleasing.
  2. The skeletal system is strengthened.
  3. Pain in the joints is suppressed.
  4. The process of oxygen transfer to tissues is accelerated.
  5. The efficiency of the immune system increases.

Rules for the use of Deka Durabolin in sports

It’s time to tell you how Deca Durabolin is used in bodybuilding. Medical dosages do not allow for a high anabolic effect. Therefore, athletes have to use the deck in large quantities. The recommended weekly dose of the drug is 0.2 to 0.6 grams. The duration of the cycles is higher in comparison with other prolonged AAS and ranges from 2 to 2.5 months.

At the amateur level, this is the use of Deca Durabolin in bodybuilding that should be considered appropriate. The important point here is that the steroid comes to work with some delay. Actually, therefore, the courses of the decanoate are longer than those of other AAS. Sometimes the steroid is also used by women. Athletes (exclusively professional) can put 50 milligrams weekly. In this case, the duration of the course should be limited to 30 days.

Since nandrolone has progestogenic properties. That on a steroid course you must use dostinex . Also, once again, we recall the importance of proper nutrition. This applies not only to the deck, but also to any other farm . Decanoate, nandrolone is hardly a perfect steroid, as there are more efficient . However, their high performance on the course is achieved with the help of a high impact on the body. Such drugs are not suitable for every builder , and in amateur sports, their use is most often inappropriate. The soundboard, in turn, has been actively used since the middle of the last century, and athletes continue to use it. There was a time when the drug retabolil, also based on nandrolone decanoate, could be purchased at the pharmacy . In general, we can say that deca durabolin in bodybuilding is one of the most effective drugs in terms of the ratio of effectiveness and risks of developing side effects . Now you know how to properly use the Durabolin deck in solo bodybuilding. However, this is extremely rare for builders. 

The best results can be obtained with combined cycles. At the same time, the risks of developing negative effects are also minimized. Most often, the deck is combined with dough and methandienone . These courses are conducted with the goal of gaining average quality muscle mass. For example, the deca- enka combination is very popular. 

Decanoate, nandrolone is put on a weekly basis in the amount of 0.2 grams. Enanthate dough, in turn, is also administered every seven days, but its dose is 0.5 grams. The main rule of drawing up courses of nandrolone and testosterone states that the amount of the first steroid should be half as much as the second. To eliminate possible side effects, mesterolone and dostinex are introduced into the cycle . 

The methane soundboard course is suitable for beginner “chemists” who no longer get enough effect from solo courses. The nandrolone regimen remains unchanged, and methandienone is consumed daily at 30 milligrams. Also do not forget about the need to use Dostinex and mesterolone . PCT deserves a separate word, which must be performed after each course of the soundboard. Tamoxifen should not be used at this time, so as not to cause an increase in the concentration of prolactin. As a result, athletes have to choose between clomid and toremifene . By the way. The same should be done after courses of trenbolone . More details here

Deca Durabolin side effects

Nandrolone is extremely weakly aromatized. Compared to testosterone, this process is only 20 percent. The fact is that nandrolone can be converted to estradiol by liver cells. In other tissues of the body, aromatization occurs at a slow rate. Thus, we can talk about the low risks of developing estrogenic side effects.

However, this does not apply to cases where the athlete uses doses in excess of the recommended. To eliminate them, it is necessary to use aromatase inhibitors , for example, Proviron . In addition, one should remember that the drug has progestogenic properties. Progesterone is a c19-steroid, but due to the removal of this group, the substance becomes more able to interact with its receptors. This suggests that all 19-nor steroids have progestogenic activity. Recall that trenbolone belongs to this group, in addition to nandrolone . Since the side effects of progesterone are close to estradiol , gynecomastia, active fluid retention, etc. may appear on the soundboard course. To eliminate them in sports, drugs based on cabergoline are used . Although the androgenic activity of nandrolone is relatively low (only a third of the dough indicator), it is not worth completely excluding the possibility of developing side effects of this type. The high concentration of androgens in the male body can lead to acne, hair loss and prostate hypertrophy. For the female body, this poses a great danger, since virilization begins to develop. The threshold for the appearance of androgenic side effects when using deca durabolin in bodybuilding is much higher in comparison with dough, methane, and even more so fluoxymesterone.

Recall that when nandrolone interacts with 5-alpha reductase, an extremely weak androgen is formed – dihydronandrolone . Thus, it is not worth using drugs like finasteride in the courses of the deca , as the situation may worsen. But for the liver, the drug does not pose any danger, since it is not alkylated . Any anabolic can cause imbalance in lipoprotein structures. First of all, this concerns a decrease in the concentration of high-density lipoprotein structures and thereby increases the risks of developing atherosclerosis. The effect of AAS on lipid metabolism is dose-dependent.

The type of drug used, the route of administration, and the level of resistance to metabolism in the liver also have a serious impact on this process. One study found that using a weekly dose of 0.6 grams for 2.5 months reduced good cholesterol levels by an average of 25 percent. This figure is higher than that of enanthate dough at a similar dosage. However, injectable steroids do not affect lipid metabolism as actively as alkylated tablets . It should be said about the ability of anabolic steroids to negatively affect blood pressure, triglyceride levels, and the ability of blood vessels to relax. As a result, the risks of developing ailments of the cardiovascular system increase.

To avoid serious troubles, you need to pay special attention to your diet while using the AAS. First of all, this concerns the introduction of fish oil into the nutrition program. The last serious negative effect of Deca, like any other steroid, is to suppress the work of the HH axis. Moreover, on the course of nandrolone, the processes of synthesis of endogenous dough are significantly suppressed. During the study, athletes took 0.1 gram of deca weekly for 1.5 months. As a result, the concentration of the male hormone decreased by more than 55 percent. When the weekly dose was increased to 0.3 grams, the dough level dropped by 70 percent. Scientists suggest that the whole point is in the progestogenic activity of the drug. At the same time, the low ability to aromatize is not of fundamental importance. To avoid trouble, we recommend taking 0.5 milligrams of Dostinex twice over seven days . We recommend using gonadotropin for long courses of soundboard.

A brief history of the creation of Deca Durabolin

The drug was first described at the very beginning of the sixties. For medical purposes, the anabolic was actively used two years later. The steroid was created by employees of the Dutch pharmaceutical company Organon. It was then that the steroid was named Deca Durabolin, and today many people call this way any drug based on nandrolone decanoate . In a short time after its appearance on the market, anabolic steroids became popular. This applies not only to sports, but also to medicine. It was used to treat a wide variety of ailments. This continued until 1975, after which doctors began to use the deck somewhat less often. However, they have not completely abandoned this even today. Most often, the drug is used in the treatment of HIV. We have already talked about what deca durabolin is used for in bodybuilding. Surely you cannot find an athlete who has not heard of nandrolone . According to unofficial research, Deca Durabolin, along with testosterone and methandienone, is the most popular steroid among athletes.

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