Dianabol. One of the strongest steroids


Dianabol. One of the strongest steroids

Dianabol belongs to a number of anabolic steroids and was manufactured in the 1950s in the United States. It has been released for sale in North America and some European countries. The drug has gained wide popularity among athletes, bodybuilders and bodybuilders, because the drug gives high results in a short time, which is one of the positive aspects for improving sports performance.

The drug for a long time was not considered doping and could be freely purchased without a prescription, while the prohibited drugs for athletes were stimulants with narcotic effects such as cocaine, amphetamine, and so on.

Nowadays, the drug still occupies a leading position among professional athletes and novice athletes. Dianabol helps to gain the necessary mass due to the accumulation of fluid in muscle cells. On average, an athlete observes an increase in muscle mass of about 2-6 kg in the first weeks of admission. It is also worth remembering that after the end of the course of taking this drug, the accumulated mass can quickly go away. Therefore, by the end of the course, the dosage should be gradually reduced. Like the original dose, everything is supervised by a sports doctor.

Key features of the drug

Like all anabolic steroids, Dianabol provides rapid mass gains due to the accumulation of fluid in muscle cells. It is also known that the accumulated fluid helps to improve the condition of the organs of the musculoskeletal system. This gives its plus and joints, ligaments and muscles are not exposed to exhaustion and disruption as a result of exhausting sports.

A feature of these drugs is that they increase the level of the hormone erythropoietin. As a result, the number of red blood cells increases (erythrocytosis). Erythrocytes are saturated with oxygen and carry it to all tissues of the body. This is an important aspect of improving athletic performance. Also, the drug is excellent at fighting severe cases of anemia.

It should be noted that the drug has the ability to burn subcutaneous fat in parts of the body such as the abdomen, sides and arms. In addition, the drug intensively stimulates the appetite.

Application rules

Before use, you should undergo a full examination and consultation with the attending and supervising medical doctor at the expense of individual dosages and the duration of the course.

On average, the course is 6-8 weeks. It is recommended to use the drug in a dose of 20-50 mg in divided doses. For example, a 30 mg dose is divided into 3 doses of a 10 mg tablet 3 times a day https://anabolicmenu.ws/global-anabolic-dbol-5mg-1000-pills/.

Dianabol can be used in combination with testosterone preparations. This symbiosis of drugs will increase the effect of mass accumulation, improve strength and metabolism in the patient’s body.

Side effect

If the dosage is correctly selected and the athlete adheres to the normal intake, the possibility of side effects disappears to almost zero. Severe side effects result from an overdose, improper use, and improperly selected combination with other drugs. The most common effects are:

  1. Damage to the liver (from fibrosis and rarely to hepatocarcinoma) due to the high bioactivity of the drug, and the fact that metabolism occurs in this organ.
  2. Increase in estrogen levels.
  3. Fluid retention can lead to edema and high blood pressure.
  4. Disruptions in the hormonal background.
  5. General malaise in the form of headaches, nausea, epigastric pain, diarrhea.
  6. Gynecomastia.
  7. Increase or decrease in libido.
  8. In mature men, changes in the prostate gland are possible (hyperplasia, cancer).
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