1.  Where can I findcoupons?

A:  The most common place is the Sunday newspaper, but you can also find them online, in magazines and at the grocery, to name a few.

2.  What are Digital Coupons and where can I find them?

A:  Digital Coupons are found on a variety of websites.  There are a few such as Cellfire.com and Shortcuts.com where you load coupons to your shoppers card from your local participating stores.  You can also find Digital Coupons on some grocery/superstore websites.

3.  Can I stack digital coupons and paper coupons?

A:  It depends on whether the digital coupon is considered a store coupon or a manufacturer coupon.  If it is considered a store coupon, you can typically stack those with paper manufacturer coupons.  However, if the digital coupon is considered a manufacturer coupon, you typically can not use it along with a paper coupon.  Be sure to read the store’s coupon policy before attempting to stack coupons.

4.  What is Coupon Stacking?

A:  That is where you can use a store coupon along with a manufacturer or digital coupon

5.  What is Double Coupons?

A:  That means that store will double the face value of the coupon.  Each store is different in the face value limit they will double, so be sure to read their coupon policy.

6.  Will coupons that say “Do Not Double” still double?

A:  At most stores, if the first number in the UPC code is a “5″, it will double; if it’s a “9″, it will not.

7.  How can I find out if my favorite store doubles coupons?

A:  They will typically have it listed in their ads or on their website in their Coupon Policy.  If they do not have their Coupon Policy available on their website, ask at the Customer Service desk for a copy.

8.  What can I do with my expired coupons?

A: Our military troops overseas can use expired coupons.

9.  Where can I purchase your books?

A:  Click here for more information on “Couponing and Other Ideas that Make Cents”.

Click here for more information on “Getting Started with Couponing” (an e-book Couponing Course)

10.   How long have you been couponing?

A:  I’ve been couponing for over 30 years.

11.  Is Couponing time consuming?

A:  Like with anything else, when you first start it’s going to take more time than after you learn the tips and tricks and get organized.  Once you have a system down, it’s not nearly as time consuming.

12.  Can I really save a lot of money using coupons?

A:  I’ve saved our family thousands of dollars over the years.  It’s definitely worth the time invested.

13.  What are Catalina Coupons?

A:  They are the coupons that print at the register that you are given along with your receipt.  They are typically manufacturer coupons, but will sometimes be an ad or a store coupon.

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