What Does YMMV Mean in Couponing?


What Does YMMV Mean in Couponing?

When you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck from your couponing efforts, it’s important to know what the YMMV is. This isn’t a term you’ll hear every day, and you may not even be aware of the tidbits.

The YMMV is a catchall term for any deal that’s not in your local store’s store. It can be a catchy way to describe a variety of other tidbits, from the best sales to the most useful coupons. In fact, it is a buzzword in some circles. Often, the acronym translates into “no-frills,” but you can’t expect to get your money’s worth from a discount without taking the time to read the fine print.

YMMV is a good way to describe a lot of other tidbits, such as the name of the free shipping upgrade you’ll receive with your coupon, or the ad you saw in the paper that said you could save 25% by using this store’s loyalty card. The name is a bit ambiguous, so you may want to ask the clerk for clarification. Some stores have a policy for the word ‘free’ in their coupon policy, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it.

One of the more interesting tidbits is the fact that not all stores allow stacking. For instance, you can only save as much as the value of the coupon you’re utilizing, so if you don’t plan ahead, you’re out of luck. However, many stores allow you to stack coupons, or use multiple coupons on the same item.

Another tidbit to be noted is the fact that you can find more than one of these ‘wow’ tidbits for each store. For example, if you’re a big fan of the ‘name’ brand of a particular type of beer, you’re likely to be rewarded for your efforts. Other tidbits include the fact that the largest retailers, such as Target and Walmart, allow you to redeem store coupons in conjunction with manufacturer ones.

The best part of couponing is that you don’t have to pay full price for items like meat. Instead, you can stockpile and use the money you saved on more tasty treats. Plus, you’ll have a great excuse to try out a new recipe.

While the ‘name’ brand of a certain type of soda may be more expensive than its cheaper counterparts, you can always ask your local grocery store to match the brand’s price. By combining your savings with store and manufacturer coupons, you can get a big discount on all sorts of products. You can also check out the perks of your credit card. There’s a chance that you may be able to take advantage of their cash back program, as well.

There’s no end to the number of tidbits to be found, so be sure to take a look around. You’re bound to find some cool and interesting things you didn’t even know existed. So, the next time you’re in the supermarket, don’t hesitate to pick up a new tidbit or two.

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